We provide a complete service, from the initial consultation, the detailed design, the selection of materials and furnishings up to the precise realisation of every detail.

Architectural design

We transform your needs and ideas into the design of your interior. Our architect will consult each individual design with you until the result meets your demands. We then handle all of the necessary building permissions for the final design and prepare project documentation.

Consultation with designer

Our team of designers incorporates your wishes and requirements into the conceptual design of your interior. We prepare variants with a selection of materials, colours, accessories and suitable furnishings. A 3D concept of the interior helps you visualise the design in detail and to feel its atmosphere.

Sewing workshop

For a perfect final impression we design and sew curtains, drapes, pillows and other decorative elements for your interior. Our designers will be delighted to show you a wide range of suitable materials and accessories and will assist you in your selection.


We pride ourselves on the fine craftsmanship we employ in creating interiors. We arrange all painting, wallpapering and carpentry, plumbing and electrical work of the highest quality. Precise work is a guarantee that your interior will retain its long-term value.

Installation of furnishings

Following the completion of work on your interior, we will help you move and install furnishings. Once everything is completely furnished, we provide advice on maintaining your furniture, appliances and other equipment.

Premium services

We provide post-warranty service on all of the furnishings we supply. We are prepared to provide you cleaning services, the cleaning of textiles and carpets, minor repairs and furniture maintenance.

Turnkey realisation

We are prepared to handle your order comprehensively, from the initial consultation to the visualisation of the design and the actual realisation, including construction work. Your own personal consultant will be available to you throughout the entire process to supervise the perfect implementation of your new interior.